ISO 9001

Everyone has heard of the term, but do they truly understand what it means? Some people see it as an exercise in compiling paper and creating work. Some people see it as a documented roadmap on how to get things done consistently and thoroughly.  ISO 9001 is both. If you had a perfect organization with perfect employees, then the ISO 9001 practices would be instilled in everyone and your organization could thrive and profit without abandon… until the rules and regulations change. When change comes, perfect practices need to be revised and perfect people need to be retrained.

Managing the cycle of rules and regulations changes is challenging and difficult especially if you are a small company with limited resources. The challenges multiply and increase exponentially as the number of rules and regulations increase.

Having a good roadmap (such as an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System) in place to guide and help you will ease the burden. Naturally, more paperwork and records will likely be generated.  Having an experienced team to help you create a robust Quality Management System and manage regulatory changes is a necessity.

About Conformity Technology

At Conformity, our goal is to take the pain out of conformance with standards such as ISO 9001. Visit us at Conformity tech to learn how we can help you with your conformance needs.

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