The importance of documenting processes

Super employee Mitch has left the company! Will we ever be able to find someone to replace him?  Probably not immediately. But if his work processes were well documented, someone could be trained to step into Mitch’s role and take over where he left off.   Documenting and detailing one’s daily tasks takes time and may make some people feel insecure and vulnerable (as they believe they can be made replicable).  Perhaps if Mitch was encouraged to document his processes, the company would have realized that he did the work of three people and would have worked harder to keep him.

Documenting processes doesn’t just help in case of loss of human resources but also in case of other foreseen incidents such as natural disasters etc. If the benefits are well-known to the employees, they will be more willing to undertake such activity and will not underestimate its importance to the company and themselves.

Documentation is an important aspect of all compliance schemes and Conformity can help with expert training, documentation templates, advice and more.

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