Which Standard should I use?

The prefix of the standard provides clues as to which country it originates from. For example, ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials and ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. ASTM and ANSI are typically used in the United States. ISO, which stands for International Standard Organization, defines many standards which are […]

Quality Management System: Employee Roles

If you are creating or in an organization, the question of what “role” each employee plays will come up. Naturally, we think of assigned titles such as “President”, “CEO”, “Founder”, “CTO” as a person’s assigned role. But do people with these assigned titles truly understand what their responsibilities in their role really means? In a […]

Quality Management System: Understanding the Organization

What defines and differentiates your organization? Is it a design house? Does it provide software development services? Does it manufacture goods? Does it excel in providing customer support services provider? Each organization is unique, and it is their uniqueness that helps define them in the marketplace. Uniqueness can take many forms, for example, an organization […]

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